About Pump and Pool People

We work, you relax!

Providing friendly, reliable and efficient service for all types of existing Swimming Pools, for both pool owners and property managers.

  • Expert Pool Servicing at reasonable prices.
  • Operating our mobile Pool Cleaning and Pool Maintenance in Bankstown inner west and Liverpool outer west areas including most Sydney suburbs.
  • Save when you use our professional Regular Pool Cleaning services. Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly.
  • Installation of all Pool Equipment including Pool Pumps, Sand Filters, Salt Chlorinators, Automatic Pool cleaners and Plumbing.

We have a large workshop with Expert and Guaranteed Repairs for all Pool Pumps and Pool Equipment.

Offering experienced professional pool services and regular pool maintenance for pools in the western sydney suburbs at reasonable prices.

We specialise in;

• Servicing your pools
• Maintaining your pools
• Repairing your pools’ pumps
• Supply spare parts for your pools
• Install pool cleaners & chlorinators
• Apply chemicals to your pools

Our strong professional relationships with manufacturers allows us to offer guarantees for parts. We also give a guarantee for repairs and installations from our expert pool professionals. We’re confident in our work and our products and extend that confidence through our guarantees.



Pools come in all shapes and sizes. We have expertise in all types and styles. Whether your pool is large or small, or traditionally chlorinated or salt water, we have the knowledge and skills to care for it.


Pool Service Area

We do regular pools service and offer on site repairs. To ensure availability and timeliness we have a service area extending from;

  • North Merrylands
  • East Strathfield
  • South Menai
  • West Cecil Hills