Are You Really Saving On Pool Chemicals?

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:4 July 2018 

How sure are you that the chemicals in your pool is at the recommended levels? Are you one of those pool owners who are trying to save money in pool chemicals? If you are not paying enough attention to the chemistry of your swimming pool, you are making a big mistake. You need to remember that using low-quality or less than the recommended amount of chemicals on your pool can result in different effects that can ruin your pool experience.

These are some of the possible results of low cost chemicals in your pool.

1. Algae Growth
Who wouldn’t be shocked to see a crystal clear pool turn to green, murky, and slimy swamp? If your pool has low sanitizer levels and poor use of algaecides, it will result to algae growth. This will require you to extensively clean and shock your pool repeatedly until all the slime and algae are removed and the risk of them coming back is eliminated. This means that instead of saving, you may end up spending more as you need to clean your pool

2. Cloudy and Smelly Water
A cloudy and smelly water in your pool is often caused by low level of sanitizers in the pool. This stings the eyes, dries the skin, and causes itching. Improperly balanced chemicals in your pool water can result to accumulation of chloramines, or unusable chlorine.

You can correct this by shocking the pool and making sure that you apply sanitizers as needed and according to manufacturer’s instructions. This should result to a clear and clean pool that has better defence against microbial growth.

3. Etching and Staining of Plaster
Are you cutting the recommended calcium level in your pool? Low calcium levels in pool can result to etching or peeling of pool plaster. This can easily be prevented by making sure that the calcium in your pool is kept at recommended levels.

If the pool experts you are hiring is experienced and really cares about your pool experience, they will discourage you to save on pool chemicals but instead will give you useful tips to save you from higher expenditures in terms of correcting imbalances and repairing damages caused unstable chemical levels. To keep your pool water safe and balanced with quality chemicals accordingly, contact us!


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