Keeping Your Dogs Safe Around and In the Pool

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:2 August 2018 

Who isn’t entertained with pet dogs that swim really well in the pool? Just like us, dogs enjoy the pool too! However, not all dogs are natural swimmers, so it is important to take necessary care to secure their safety.

Teach your dogs to swim. If you have a home pool, it’s important to teach your dogs to swim for safety in case they accidentally fall into your pool. Most dogs cannot exit a pool anywhere other than at the steps so train your dog to exit at the steps regardless of where he jumps or falls in.

Keep pool safety tools ready. You need to be very vigilant in case there will be emergency around your pool so always keep safety tools around it. It could be a life jacket, a rescue hook and other appropriate tools for your pool area.

Install a strong and tall fence. Never leave your dog unattended around the pool without a barrier installed. Make sure you have a strong and tall fence around your pool area that is capable of keeping your dog away from your pool.

Know the Signs of Water Intoxication. If your dog drank too much water it could be fatal for it so you need to watch out for symptoms of water intoxication because of excessive water intake. Watch out for lethargy, bloating, vomiting, loss of coordination, restlessness increased salivation, pale gums, dilated pupils, and glazed eyes.

While the pool is an excellent place to relax and have fun, these tips will help prevent any tragedy from happening to your dog. Let it enjoy pool time to its fullest without you having to worry so much.

If you need any pool advice or service, Pump and Pool People is the team to call! In the long run, regular pool maintenance gives you and your pet a better swimming pool to enjoy!

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