Prolonging the Life of your Pool Pump

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:2 February 2018 

The swimming pool’s circulation system is highly dependent on the pump. Thus, it’s essentially considered the heart of the pool.  It pulls water from the pool through the skimmer and main drain, pushes it through the filter, and returns it to the pool through the main returns. Investing on a swimming pool for your home includes paying attention in getting the right pool pump and keeping it operating properly. Without the pump, your pool will just be a giant basin you filled with water. So make sure you follow these tips in prolonging your pump’s life.

Keep it dry. Water causes failure of bearings and insulation on pumps so you have to make sure it’s stored in a dry and water-free area. Make sure it’s protected from floods and rains too.

Let the air in. If your pump is housed in an enclosed area or is stored in a pump cover, make sure to provide space for ample air circulation around the pump. Make sure you moisture is not trapped inside the storage as what was mentioned earlier, the pump should be kept dry.

Pay attention to pump noise. A noise in your pool pump is the first sign of bearing failure. If the bearings are not replaced promptly, the motor can overheat causing the windings to fail. Bearing noise is often a sign that the pump seal has been leaking. Waste no time and get it checked if it needs lubrication or replacement. If this is ignored, it could result to the need to replace the whole pump.

Get is checked by the pro. If you want to clean the outside of your pump, simply use a damp cloth and never spray it with water.  Professional pool service companies are trained and they have the necessary equipment so take advantage of what they can offer to take care of your pump.

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