Proper Flooded Swimming Pool Handling

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:4 June 2018 

1. Ensure good water quality
DO NOT USE THE SWIMMING POOL YET. Keep in mind that there is a great possibility that your pool is contaminated with chemicals, fertilizers, oils, debris or even worse. Your pool water has surely become murky with algae. Mosquitoes that can transmit illnesses may also be breeding in the standing water of your pool. What you need to do is to drain your pool water. All plumbing lines purged, and filter media replaced before refilling the pool. If you have no idea on how to do it or if you noticed that the pool “popped” out of the ground, immediately contact a pool professional. Once drained, the pool can be cleaned and all floor and side surfaces should also be cleaned. Rinse surfaces thoroughly after cleaning, and remove rinse water before refilling the pool with clean water. Balance and sanitize pool water before permitting users to enter and enjoy your pool once again.

2. Secure electrical safety
ELECTRICAL SAFETY IS NOT A DIY PROJECT and must be taken seriously. Electrocution frequently accounts for many deaths so before attempting any clean-up activities, turn off the power to all pool equipment at the main circuit breaker or fuse box. Never touch a circuit breaker or fuse with wet hands or while standing on a wet surface or in standing water. Floodwaters damage the motors of pool pumps. A licensed electrician can assist in assessing electrical damage, and only a licensed professional should perform electrical repair.

3. Handle pool chemicals with care
BE EXTRA CAREFUL IN HANDLING POOL CHEMICALS. Pool chemicals that were left out and got contaminated or wet should not be used in the pool for safety purposes. They should not be mixed with other chemicals as they are potentially dangerous. Violent chemical reactions are possible. Make sure you dispose them properly and contact pool experts about the chemicals you need for your pool and measuring its chemistry.

At Pump and Pool People, we are offering free water testing to help you ensure a safe pool for your loved ones especially after a heavy rain. We can talk about it more! 

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