Signs for a Pump Repair or Replacement

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:13 December 2017 

Your swimming pool pump is the heart of your pool. We all know that to keep the water clean, warm and hygienic, a pool pump is needed. Whether have been using the same pump for years or just months, it is important to check it for possible problems. This is important because if your pool pump malfunctioned or worst, it burn out, it will surely be a bigger trouble. Here are good signs to watch out to know if you now need to replace or just repair the pump.


Pump noise is definitely a great indicator that something is wrong. If you hear any noises that are unusual, it could mean rust build up might have grown on your pump causing a bad pool bearing. Frozen bearings could also make noise. This could happen because of water getting in from a shaft seal leak.

Do not take this sign for granted. Immediately contact us and we can check it right away and make the necessary repair or replacement.


Age is obviously a factor to check when you need a pump replacement or not. Just like any other machines and even humans, the older it gets, the more easily it could get sick. You know when you bought your pump and if it is older than the average Australian car, chances are you’ll be needing a replacement.

Pool filtration systems have a typical shelf life of 11-15 years. Getting your pump checked and replacing them early may actually save you more than a little money in the long run.


If your pool pump motor is tripping your electric breaker box more and more frequently, this surge in power is often a sign of a much larger electrical issue. This could mean that your motor is barely making it through. Replacement is probably more practical in this case.

Pump Motor Keeps Shutting Off

An over-heated or clogged pump motor will cause your pump motor to shut down after only a short time. Delaying any the repair of the pump motor will more likely result to a bigger problem so take action now.

Loss of Suction

Check your pressure indicator and if it says that your pool is not working up to capacity in regards to how much water is being sucked into the pump at a time, you may have either a clogged pump or it could be that the suction motor is wearing out. You can’t get rid of this so if you noticed it, contact us right away.

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