Understanding That Strong Chemical Smell in Your Pool

Author: Michelle  Date Posted:2 May 2018 

Have you ever dived into your pool and got struck by an extremely strong smell that you assumed to be chlorine? The real question is: Do you know the real reason why your pool has that strong chemical smell? Did you answer: “There’s too much chlorine in the water.”?

Surprisingly, that strong pool smell is NOT due to chlorine. Instead it’s because of chloramines. These are chemical compounds that build up in pool water when it is improperly treated. It is a result from the combination of chlorine disinfectants and perspiration, oils and urine that enter pools on the bodies of swimmers. Yes, the more unwanted liquid added on the pool water, the more you smell that strong odor.

You have to be aware that these chloramines give off a chemical odor, cause eyes to get red and sting, and use up the chlorine. This means that there will be less chlorine to kill germs!

To effectively ensure that your pool is safe to swim on, use a test strip to check if the pH and chlorine levels of your pool water are correct. Make sure that the area around the pool free of strong chemical odors. To help prevent chloramines from forming where you swim, shower before swimming and take little swimmers on regular bathroom breaks.

Keep in mind that there is no odor to a well-managed pool. Chloramines, which produce pool smell, can be eliminated using chlorine. Pool experts might recommend shock treatment or superchlorination. This is the practice of adding extra chlorine to pools to destroy ammonia and the organic compounds that combine with chlorine to make chloramines.

At Pump and Pool People, we provide FREE water testing. We let you have a complete understanding of what is needed to be done in your pool and why it is needed.

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