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What is a Kreepy Krauly?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our Sydney customers. A Kreepy Krauly is an automatic pool cleaner designed to collect debris and sediment from your swimming pool. It requires very minimal human intervention, which means you can spend less time cleaning the pool and more time doing the things that are important to you.

The Kreepy Krauly is designed and manufactured in Australia and optimised for Sydney weather conditions. It has been engineered to tackle the most difficult debris in and around your swimming pool. Our range of Kreepy Krauly automatic pool cleaners will keep your pool continuously clean all year round.

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What is the best place to buy a Kreepy Krauly in Sydney?

The best place you can buy a Kreepy Krauly in Australia is from Pump and Pool People. With over 36 years of unparalleled industry experience, Pump and Pool People remains a family-owned and operated business providing the very best in pool equipment and pool service.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing guaranteed customer satisfaction for our reliable products and services. That is why we stock only the best products and complete all repairs and maintenance services in-house at our warehouse workshop. Pump and Pool People guarantee expert repairs for all pool pumps and pool equipment including Kreepy Krauly products.

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Why choose to buy a Kreepy Krauly from Pump and Pool People in Sydney?

If you’re looking for the best pool cleaner in Sydney, such as a Kreepy Krauly, then look no further than Pump & Pool People. Our strong relationships with the manufacturer allow us to provide exceptional after-sales support and warranty services. We also provide a guarantee for our repairs and stand by our product maintenance services. We’re confident in both our work and our products, and we extend that confidence through our guarantees.

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Useful Tips & Information

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How do you clean your Kreepy Krauly?

A Kreepy Krauly is designed to work with your normal pool filter cycle. When cleaning your Kreepy Krauly, be sure to remove all of the components from the pool and rinse off the entire system with fresh water. This will reduce the chlorine and any other chemicals that may be on it and will help to reduce the degradation and wear and tear of the unit.

Additionally, Pump and Pool People can help you ensure that your Kreepy Krauly is performing at its optimum level by organising a pool service technician to visit you at your home regularly.

Furthermore, to improve the longevity of your Kreepy Krauly, you can take the following measures:

  • Ensure you clean the skimmer box/basket (frequency dependent on leaf load)
  • Clean your pool pump filter (as per manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Add chemicals to maintain the chemical balance of your pool water

How long should I run my Kreepy Krauly for?

This depends on your pool size, but generally speaking, your Kreepy Krauly will run anywhere between two and six hours. Although as mentioned, it all depends on your pool size.

Running it for longer hours than required will significantly increase your pool maintenance costs and may cause unnecessary wear and tear on your Kreepy Krauly. Good practice is to remove the Kreepy Krauly from your pool when you are satisfied with the cleanliness/clarity of the water.

Should I run my Kreepy Krauly during the daytime or in the evening?

There are benefits to running your Kreepy Krauly during the daytime or in the evening. Running your Kreepy Krauly and pool pump during the day is highly beneficial because that’s when the sun is out. The UV rays eat up the chlorine, so it is good to have the pump running to counteract the sun’s effects. Furthermore, if your pool receives a lot of debris during the day, it can be ideal to run your Kreepy Krauly during the day before using your pool. That way, you can ensure your pool is kept sparkly clean and no debris is stirred up while you use it. 

Alternatively, you could run your Kreepy Krauly in the evening, which may reduce your power bill by using off-peak electricity. If there isn’t a lot of debris falling into your pool on a daily basis, then maybe using your Kreepy Krauly during the evening will be better. Additionally, you may also extend the useful life of your Kreepy Krauly by reducing the time it spends in the harsh sun.

Pool maintenance tips to prolong your Kreepy Krauly

Regular Pool maintenance can prolong the life of your Kreepy Krauly and provide you with cleaner pool water. If you do not regularly maintain your pool, then your Kreepy Krauly may experience unnecessary wear and tear. For instance, if you do not clean your skimmer basket, leaves will overflow and your Kreepy Krauly will be picking up much larger debris. In the long term, the added stress can increase wear and tear, ultimately reducing the longevity of your Kreepy Krauly.

Keeping your pool at its best may sound difficult, but it’s not as hard as you would think. The first thing to understand is that your pool is different from everyone else’s, so it has its own maintenance needs. The best practice is routine and consistent care, as this keeps your pool in good condition for many, many years. If you let your guard down with your pool maintenance, things can quickly out of control with problems as it can be quite expensive to repair.

Cartridge Filters

To ensure the life of your Kreepy Krauly, ensure your Cartridge filter is maintained correctly. The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it. Oils, dust, dirt, soaps, perspiration, chemicals, body fats and fine particles can cause filter clogging. They can also add stress to your Kreepy Krauly. This can add more stress to your Kreepy Krauly.

Additionally, if you regularly use the pool heating system, be sure to keep a closer eye on your filter as the warmer water will make the filter clog much faster than water at lower temperatures.

Maximising the life of your Cartridge Filter can be done by simply cleaning the cartridge in accordance with its cleaning instructions. Another way to maintain your filter is to scrub the filter with a soft brush. A good tip is to rotate two cartridges, this will prolong the filters life considerably.

Lastly, maintaining the pool water chemistry in proper balance will protect your filter and Kreepy Krauly to help them last longer. Your first step in keeping your Kreepy Krauly going is looking after your cartridge filter.

Pool Skimmer

The next step in keeping your Kreepy Krauly working and efficient is your pool skimmer. Your pool skimmer is the gateway to your pools filtration system, basically the start point of your pool circulation operation. Your pool pump sucks water into the skimmers and as the water passes through the skimmer basket, it is cleared of larger debris. This debris would normally cause a blockage if it made it all the way into your pump or filter, so the pool skimmer is an important part of your pool!

Checking Water Levels

To keep your Kreepy Krauly performing at its peak, you need to ensure the efficient and optimal operation of your pool filtration system. This relies on the water level of your swimming pool. Whilst often overlooked, low water levels can cause your pools skimmer box to shut down. This adds extra stress to the operation of your Kreepy Krauly.

Finding the best water level for your pool is not difficult at all and you can generally determine the perfect level from sight alone. The best level to have the pool water is at the halfway point of your skimmer hatch. Ideally, you should have the water level between a third and half way up the skimmer box opening.

If the water level is higher than that, it is possible that debris won’t be pulled into the skimmer box through the plate or the valve. This means that you will end up with floating debris and other bits and pieces on the surface of your swimming pool. After a while, floating debris may absorb water and sink to the pool floor. This adds more stress to you Kreepy Krauly.

On the other hand, if the water level is lower than the optimal depth, your pool could face severe damage to the skimmer. Due to the lack of water, the skimmer will start to draw air into the filter system and consequently, the motor for your pump is at risk of burning out.

Having a pool filtration system replaced can be a costly issue, so it’s a good idea to do everything possible to prevent this from happening by following the above tips. This will also ensure that your Kreepy Krauly works at it is indented to and has a longer life.

Pool Filtration

The Kreepy Krauly does a portion of the job by collecting debris for the pool filtration system. However, the role of the pool filtration system is to ensure the water is clean and prevents the proliferation of algae and other nasties that can contaminate the pool. Contamination and chemical imbalances can reduce the useful life of your pool equipment including your Kreepy Krauly.

In fact, the majority of your water maintenance is performed by your filtration system in conjunction with your Kreepy Krauly; approximately 80%. The remainder is done by chemical treatments. So, make sure that your pool filtration system is maintained to improve the quality of your pool water and the longevity of your pool equipment.

Water Testing

Water testing is an important part of your pool and an important part of prolonging the life of your Kreepy Krauly. You can do a water test by taking a water sample to a pool shop, using test strips, or by using a liquid test kit. You should test your pool water at least once a week to monitor and keep the chemical balance of your water at optimal levels. Maintaining the right chemical balance will improve the longevity of your Kreepy Krauly.