Regular pool maintenance in Syndey to keep your swimming pool clean and clear all year round

With your busy lifestyle, time has become a precious commodity. As a result we now provide regular maintenance to keep your swimming pool looking clean and healthy and to save you time and effort.

A clean pool starts with a good pool filtration system and requires regular pool cleaning throughout the year. Should your pool filtration system or pool cleaners require any maintenance or repairs, contact us today so that your pool can stay in amazing shape all year round.

Helping you clean your swimming pool

It is necessary to keep the water clear and clean with pool water testing. Our regular pool maintenance services include water testing to ensure your pool is safe. This way you can avoid having to replace the pool water during the year, and/or increase the use of chemicals to restore water clarity and to achieve a chemical balance. The average swimming pool holds 22,000 to 60,000 litres of water. This requires at least 8 to 10 hours a day running a filtration system during the summer months.

We also check that your pool cleaners, pump, and filtration system are functioning properly. The outcome of testing the water will determine:

  • the level of chlorine and if more/less is required
  • the PH level to determine if alkalinity levels are correct.

This regular service option for pool maintenance in Sydney means we take full responsibility for the maintenance and care of your pool. You can choose to have our technician visit:

  • weekly
  • fortnightly
  • monthly

As Pump and Pool People, we know that testing your water is key to cleanliness and prevention of an algae outbreak. Firstly, we test your water to ascertain the pH level and alkalinity. A high pH level could result in cloudy water, scaling on your pool appliances and even skin rashes! Too much alkaline will be detrimental too, causing your chlorine to be less effective, therefore a much higher chance for germs to flourish.

Secondly, we test the chlorine level in the pool. This is the chemical that keeps your water in great shape, sterilising the germs and keeping you healthy. The Pump and Pool People make sure that the amount of chlorine in your pool is at the optimum amount to retain that glistening look.

It is extremely important to keep your pool sanitized. If you don’t keep your pool clean, you are certainly welcoming yourself and your guests to become ill! By adding chemicals such as chlorine, you are eliminating germs, therefore, preventing algae from forming and turning your pool green.

More importantly, by keeping your pool clean in this way, you are protecting the health of your swimmers! Trust the Pump and Pool People to keep your pool gleaming.

As you may already know, it is surprising what you can find in a skimmer basket! These are an integral part of your pool system that allows surface water to be sucked back through into the filter. You can be left with all sorts of leaves and debris; therefore, it is important to have these removed so your skimmer basket does not overflow.

As an owner of a sparkling pool, you want it to stay that way. Another important way to keep algae at bay is to vacuum. Removing debris such as leaves, and other foliage keeps your pool not only healthier but looking impressive! The Pump and Pool People will always be on hand to vacuum in its entirety, to the best standard.

To keep a sanitary pool, filters are paramount. They are designed to remove all sorts of unwelcome debris and dirt. Impure water rushes into the filter and returns into the pool, cleansed, and purified. Pool servicing is important as cleaning these filters is not only time consuming but tricky! Let the Pump and Pool People do the professional work for you.

Why trust the Pump and Pool People?

What makes the Pump and Pool People one of the leaders in pool maintenance for Sydney?

We are here to offer experienced professional pool services and regular pool maintenance for pools in the Western Sydney suburbs at reasonable prices.

We provide friendly, reliable, and efficient service for all types of existing swimming pools, for both pool owners and property managers.

Our strong relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide guarantees for parts. We also provide a guarantee for repairs and installations done by our expert pool professionals. We are confident in both our work and our products, and we extend that confidence through our guarantees.

Protecting your pool from the cold

During the summertime, pool maintenance is important. Making sure your chlorine levels are right and cleaning that pesky pool filter regularly will ensure your pools health, but have you thought about during the winter?

Many people know that keeping your pool professionally maintained during its time of use is important. However, did you know that it is incredibly important over the winter months too? The last thing you want when you open back up in the summertime is a pool full of algae and rusted pipework.

What steps should you take when ensuring pool maintenance in Sydney for the winter months?

Firstly, you should always be sure to test your water before closing your pool. Check that all your pH balance is correct and that that the alkalinity is at the optimum level. Also make sure that you have added the right amount of chlorine. This is paramount to keeping algae at bay.

Secondly, ensure that you remove any excess water from your plumbing lines, this can cause them to rust a lot quicker and could result in a costly bill when looking at replacements.

Lastly, your pool will benefit greatly from investing in a pool cover. These are extremely helpful by stopping debris and other objects from falling in and cluttering up your pool. You will not appreciate the potential long-term damage that leaves could cause to your pool filtration system from not investing in a pool cover!

Speedy delivery, straight to your door

Our mobile servicing also allows us to provide you local delivery! Our drivers will deliver chemicals and equipment to most areas of Sydney.

Delivery fees apply.

We cover most areas of Sydney. Call us to arrange a service call, or alternatively, for information about our mobile pool maintenance service and pool water test kits specialising in pool care service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to maintain a pool in Australia?

Maintenance costs are different for everyone. The size of your pool will dictate some of your expense, but so will how well you treat it generally. If your pool has been kept in great shape, you are less likely to have problems in the future, keeping those maintenance costs down. Call the Pump and Pool People today to see discuss maintaining your swimming pool.

Cleaning costs vary depending on the size of your swimming pool and whether you choose to have regular maintenance with us. As Pump and Pool People we understand what is needed to keep your swimming pool sparkling. Call us today to arrange your pool maintenance plan.

Owning a swimming pool should not be a chore, however, keeping it maintained well is important. To make sure your pool stays healthy, let the Pump and Pool People do the hard work for you. Whether it is a one-off repair or continuous pool maintenance, we will always be on hand to support the upkeep of your relaxing investment.

A depth of less than 6ft is normally more than sufficient for most swimming pools. When allowing enough room for families, we would recommend roughly 18ft by 36ft. This allows enough space for 6-8 people to enjoy swimming and playing games without overcrowding. However, pools have all different shapes and sizes, call the Pump and Pool People today to discuss the right size pool for your needs.

After 1-3 months of use, D.E. filters should be backwashed to keep them functioning well. They should also be backwashed once they have built up around 5-10 PSI of pressure. When it comes to a full dismantle and clean, it should be about once a year. If you use your pool all year round you may need to do this more than once a year to keep it working fluently. For the best results always ask the professionals. The Pump and Pool People will fully dismantle and rigorously clean your pool filter to a top standard.