Professional Plumbing Services 

Need professional and affordable pool plumbing services? Speak to the Pump and Pool People! We do professional, low-maintenance installations for your pool pump, equipment, and plumbing in most areas of Sydney. Get the job done properly and minimise the maintenance of your pool and equipment in the long-term.

Pool plumbing, done right

When having your own swimming pool built, it is vital to have the plumbing installed correctly. This is important because fitting pipes wrong can lead to costly problems in the future. These could be leaks or unwanted air causing fluctuation in the filtration system’s pressure.

The pipes for your pools plumbing should be placed underground and connected to the filtration system. The main drain, skimmer and suction lines should also be connected to the pool pump using a 3-way valve. A return line should also send water to the wall return inlets from the filter.

Your filter pressure can increase and decrease depending on problem. Algae blocking your filter is a common problem. This will result in an increase of pressure, leaving you with potential for equipment damages. The easy answer to find where the algae are located and remove it.

Once removed your filter pressure should return to normal. A decrease in pressure could be down to a blockage in suction lines. Similarly, to the algae problem, we will have to find the cause of the blockage and remove it. Once fixed your filter pressure should return to normal. Trust the Pump and Pool People to fix your filter pressure issues fast and to the best standard.

The last thing you want associated with your pool plumbing is a pipe leak. This can potentially cause water damage to your property and raise your water bills astronomically due to excess water escaping. You will also lose money due to the chemicals e.g. chlorine that will be lost through your leak.

Luckily, the Pump and Pool People are on hand to help! With any leakages that you suspect, you must call urgently on 0297901563. We will find the source of your problem and give you peace of mind that you will be back relaxing by your pool quickly.

The restriction of water flow can give you major problems with it comes to keeping your pool and plumbing maintained. If unwanted air is present in your pipes this can restrict the water flow and is prone to causing your pool to become cloudy. Furthermore, this additional air can cause a pressure increase in your filter causing it to potentially burst. These are serious problems, and you will want to fix them as soon as you can to prevent further damages.

Call the Pump and Pool People today for great advice and a pool inspection to ascertain your plumbing worries. We want our customers to be relaxing in the sunshine as soon as possible, trust us to get you back on the lounger as soon as possible.

Your pools filtration system is extremely important, and it is important to keep it maintained. However, over time your pools filter may break or stop working at its full capacity. This will lead to debris, leaves and other small objects passing through your system and leaving your pool dirty and prone to a build up of algae.

When your pool has a filter problem, be sure to call the Pump and Pool People to arrange a fix or a replacement. We make it easy so that you can relax by your pool in no time.

High-quality pool plumbing Sydney, sorted with a smile

As Pump and Pool People, we know why it is of the utmost importance to install your plumbing professionally. It is integral to make sure your pool is safe and hygienic, ready to be used by your family and friends. With our friendly team, you can expect top-quality pool plumbing, at an affordable rate. Contact us today to discuss your pool plumbing installation in Sydney.

Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC or ‘polyvinyl chloride’ is the usual standard for swimming pool plumbing use. It is used for many different construction jobs and for items such as bottles, certain packaging, and bank cards. There are 2 options of schedule 40 or schedule 80, for swimming pool plumbing, 40 is usually a safe choice.

Flexible PVC

This type of piping is also made of polyvinyl chloride; however, it is constructed with plasticizers, resulting in an ability to bend. Because of this flexibility, this from of PVC is much easier to install than the regular rigid PVC. Another benefit of flexible PVC is that it can withstand freezing temperatures. This is due to the ability to stretch and allow for expansion caused by ice. There are 2 major problems with this type of PVC however.

Durability. The flexible PVC may be able to bend and withstand icy temperatures, but it can fail when faced with high levels of chlorine or harsh water. This is an obvious worry when plumbing for a swimming pool due to the use of chlorine and consistent water travel. This piping also has trouble with termites and earwigs chewing through, creating troublesome leaks.

Our decision…

In conclusion, despite the convenient flexibility and cold temperature resistance of flexible PVC, rigid PVC comes out on top. The durability of this original piping helps considerably and is the safe option for a swimming pool plumbing installation.

As an added extra, we do use CPVC (chlorinated PVC) in parts of our pool plumbing. This is a more expensive type of piping but can withstand much higher temperatures than rigid PVC and prevents potential melting or shrinkage. We use a mixture of the two when installing pool plumbing, trust the Pump and Pool People to build you a pool your whole family will love.

Experts in the trade: The Pump and Pool People

We understand that your time is precious. Since 2000, the Pump and Pool People have been providing exceptional home pool servicing and repairs to save you time and effort. Let the experts install your pool plumbing to give you more fun in the sun with a crystal-clear swimming pool.

A clear swimming pool starts with a reliable pool filtration system, and it lasts with regular cleaning. Our highly experienced team has seen it all and understands what equipment you will need to maximise the enjoyment of your pool.

Spend more time enjoying your pool with family and friends! Have your pool plumbing professionally and neatly installed by the Pump and Pool People. Contact us today and start enjoying your pool all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a pool plumbed?

For pool plumbing to work efficiently, the pipes and filter equipment must work in tandem. Underground, you will find the pipes, leading up and connected with the filter. The skimmer, suction lines and main drain are all connected into the pool pump using a 3-way valve and the return line carries the water from the pool filter, returning to the wall inlets.

The Pump and Pool People have a vast array of pool plumbing knowledge and have been servicing happy Sydney residents since 2004. Call the professionals today and trust that we will provide a high-quality service at an affordable price.

Slightly more expensive that the usual PVC piping, CPVC (Chlorinated PVC) is normally used due to its capability when handling higher water temperatures. You deserve nothing less that the best standard of expertise when arranging a pool plumbing installation.

The pool skimmer works by pulling the debris, leaves and other foliage, plus pool water, through a weir (a flap). Once pulled through the debris is caught in the skimmer basket. The 2nd hole in your skimmer is connected to an equalizer. The equalizer is another pipe which prevents the pump from running dry. If the water level drops below the skimmers opening, the pools pump can pull water from the equalizer pipe, hence the pump will not run dry.

This is typically the main drain. Its purpose is to circulate water from the bottom of the pool. It is usually located at the deepest part of the pool and is also used to lower the pools water level. When organising your pool plumbing installation in Sydney, do not look further than the Pump and Pool People!

Every pool should have at least 2 return pipes. Their function is to bring the filtered water back to the pool. They should be set so that circulation is promoted as much as possible and roughly 150mm below the water’s surface. For guaranteed reliability and satisfaction, call the Pump and Pool People today.