BioGuard – Spring Detox Pack

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Dive into a rejuvenated pool experience with the BioGuard Spring Detox Pack. A comprehensive bundle of four premium products, designed to ensure optimal pool clarity and hygiene.


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About Our BioGuard – Spring Detox Pack

Introducing the Spring Detox Pack from BioGuard, a trusted name in pool care. This exclusive pack has been curated to offer a comprehensive solution for your spring pool detoxification. Each product in the pack has been carefully chosen to ensure that your pool remains sparkling clean, clear, and hygienic.

Included in the Pack:

  1. BioGuard Phos Kill (1L) – Priced at $55.95
    • An efficient phosphate remover, Phoskill targets and reduces unwanted phosphates that can lead to algae growth, ensuring clearer and fresher water.
  2. BioGuard Polysheen Plus (250mL) – Priced at $17.50
    • A high-quality water clarifier, Polysheen binds tiny particles in the water, making them big enough to be trapped by the filter, leaving behind crystal clear water.
  3. BioGuard Optimiser (2.5Kg) – Priced at $69.00
    • This multi-purpose additive enhances water comfort, increases water clarity, and prevents algae growth. It’s an essential component for a balanced and optimised pool experience.
  4. BioGuard Lite (450g) – Priced at $19.95 – OR Salt Pool Sparkle ($25.95), which performs the same as BioGuard Lite.
    • A powerful oxidising agent, Lite boosts the performance of sanitisers and keeps the water looking fresh and radiant.

With the BioGuard Spring Detox Pack, you’re not just purchasing products; you’re investing in the health and clarity of your pool. Say goodbye to common pool problems and immerse yourself in a pristine pool experience this spring.