Biolab – Pool Tonic – 946ml

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The perfect remedy for a sick pool, BioGuard Pool Tonic removes phosphate from the water along with at least 10 other unwanted contaminants.

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The proprietary, dual action formula containing natural ingredients binds small particles that are too small for normal filtration removal, delivering crystal clear water whilst caring for the environment.

The remedy for the sick pool. BioLab Pool Tonic removes Phosphate and at least 10 other unwanted contaminants for a stress-free pool.

Product Features:


  • Proprietary, dual-action formula.
  • Better for the environment, made with natural ingredients.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Eliminates cloudy, hazy or dull water
  • Dual-action formula treats up to 90,000 ltrs
  • Great for all types of filters- sand, cartridge and D.E.
  • Use when your pool is at its worst to look great FAST



  • Removes Phosphate, a food source for algae, and other unwanted contaminants from pool water.
  • Removes skin oils, rain pollution, dirt, pet dander, pollen, greases, dust, lotions and hair-care products.
  • Clarifies pool water.
  • Binds particles that are too small for normal filtration.
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