Dolphin Active X6 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The all-new Maytronics Dolphin Active X6 robotic pool cleaner makes it super-easy to look after your swimming pool, keeping it clean and ready for fun, with minimum effort and hassle.


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The all-new Maytronics Dolphin Active X6 robotic pool cleaner is here.

Over the years you may have noticed that the love for a refreshing pool swim on a warm afternoon has faded due to the constant maintenance that goes hand-in-hand with owning a pool. This is no longer the case.

The all-new Maytronics Dolphin Active X6 robotic pool cleaner is designed for maximum cleaning performance, convenient handling and simple operation that needs no intervention from you and it is cloud-connected, so you’ve always got control right in your hand, no matter where you are.

Smart Cleaning System Features

Thorough cleaning with optimum efficiency

Our advanced PowerStream Mobility System creates multi directional water jets, which enables a constant grip on all vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Your new automatic pool surface cleaner will climb the walls all the way to the surface collecting floating debris. This not only ensures your pool walls, floor and waterline are effectively cleaned, it improves navigation and cleaning capacity.

PowerStream Mobility System

Floor, Walls & Waterline

Dual Active Scrubber

CleaverClean Scanning for Maximum Coverage

Lightweight and easy to handle

Placing or removing the Dolphin from your pool is easy with the fast clean-water release, lightweight and ergonomic design. Along with an advanced scheduler weekly timer you can keep your pool clean with minimal effort.

Multi-function Energy Saver Power Supply

 Fast Water Release

Advanced Scheduler Weekly Timer

MyDolphin™️ App Set & Forget

Why choose a Dolphin Active X6

Dolphin X Line

Dolphin X robots are designed by Maytronics to do all the hard work – providing incredible cleaning performance and efficiency.

Adapting themselves to any residential pool, to achieve the best possible results for the specific pool shape and surface type.

Climate Care Certified

The Climate Care Certification Program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia Ltd (SPASA Australia). It is the industry’s efficiency certification program which we are proud to be certified with. This certification verifies your Dolphin will save energy and water, provide better water circulation, effortless operation and reliability for peace of mind.

Authorised Dealer

When you purchase a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner from Pump & Pool People, you gain peace of mind and enjoyment with an automated complete pool cleaning experience.

Experience the next generation and latest revolution in pool cleaning technology today.

The Pump & Pool People Experience

At Pump and Pool People, we only use reputable brands and hand pick our suppliers to deliver only the best products to our customers. And the Maytronics Dolphin Active X6 robotic pool cleaner is not the exception.

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Powerful performance

Total cleaning and optimised water filtration over and above other pool floor cleaners or hot tub/spa vacuum cleaners on the market. Our gyroscopic navigation system ensures full cleaning coverage and less pool maintenance.

Ease of use

You can also forget messing about with a power cord. You won’t need different hoses to suck up both wet and dry materials. The easiest, most efficient and economical solution for keeping your pool clean. Our pool owners are ecstatic with the ease provided by our completely automatic pool suction cleaner.

Peace of mind

Relax and enjoy your pool, knowing that you’re using the smartest and best-selling robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin will remove debris and leave your pool sparkling clean. With less debris in your pool’s water filtration system you can rest assured knowing that your pool filter is under less stress. This will add to the longevity and function of your pool.

The new MyDolphin app for Wi-Fi® connected power supply

The Dolphin robot is designed to take care of everything you need to keep your pool clean and your pool water crystal clear. The ‘MyDolphin Plus’ app gives you full control over what the robot does and how it does it. It’s full service with zero stress.

The Dolphin robot is connected to your mobile using Wi-Fi®, so you can stay in control at all times. You can tell it to clean the pool floor, climb the walls, and climb up to clean the surface water, from anywhere, and at any time. Full service.

The ‘MyDolphin Plus’ App allows you to:

  • Order your robot to clean anytime and from anywhere
  • Pre-set a cleaning schedule
  • Tell the robot to climb up to the surface for easy pickup (for M600, Active X6, Zenit
  • 60, Ultimate and Active Ultimate)
  • Create new clean cycles
  • Name your robot
  • Drive it around yourself for a bit of fun
  • Create a light show under water
  • And much much more.

Download the app:

About Maytronics and the Dolphin Pool Cleaners Line

Maytronics established Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners over 35 years ago for more than just an easy pool cleaning experience but to give you your weekends back. Dolphin products offer you a carefree pool cleaning system like no other automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner available.

Over the years, Maytronics Dolphin has set worldwide standards for unmatched technological innovation coupled with highly aesthetic swimming pool robot cleaner designs. Together with our partners, we seek outstanding quality products and services which provide our customers with an exceptional customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my robotic pool cleaner repaired?

At Pump and Pool People of course!. We have service technicians ready to provide you with the best repair service possible (NSW Metro only).

How do I tell if I have robotic pool cleaner?

Unfortunately, some manufacturers confusion the pool cleaning industry by call their suction cleaner a robotic pool cleaner. If you need to link a hose back through your skimmer box to main system filter – that is a suction cleaner. If your cleaner is powered by low voltage electricity and contains internal filters – you looking at a robotic pool cleaner.

How long should my robotic pool cleaner last before needing replacement?

Robotic pool cleaners are much more durable than the old suction cleaners of days gone by. Generally, you can expect at least 5 years’ service from your quality robotic pool cleaner. The more expensive units are generally better quality – you do get what you pay for. If you keep your robotic pool cleaner in good condition, there is no reason it shouldn’t last much longer. We had a customer who bought in a robotic pool cleaner they purchased in 1988 and was still working!

Where can I find my Dolphin's serial number?

If your filter opening is on the bottom of the robot, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Turn your Dolphin upside down and remove the filter(s).
  2. Look for a white label (sticker). This label (sticker) has your robot’s serial number on it.

If your filter opening is on the top of the robot, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the top lid and remove the filter(s).
  2. Look for a white label (sticker). This label (sticker) has your robot’s serial number on it.

36 Months

Cable Length

18m with Swivel



Cleaning Coverage

Floors, Walls & Waterline