Pentair Legend Pressure Pool cleaner

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Better tracking for faster, more reliable cleaning. Count on the Legend inground suction cleaner for an easy set up, and quick clean of your pool in just 1 to 3 hours!

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Are you in need of a fast and reliable cleaner for your pool? You can certainly depend on the Legend inground suction cleaner for a quick and complete clean of your pool. An impressive range of design features combine to make it one of the best suction cleaners on the market!


  • Independent booster pump allows for optimum cleaning power & surface skimming
  • Total coverage of pool bottom and walls with the excellent front-wheel drive feature
  • Eliminates the chances of tipping due to the 4-wheel design
  • Large throat passage can handle large intake of leaves, twigs, and other large debris
  • 60% Larger bag can hold more dirt and debris.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


  • Heavy duty collection bag: Large capacity bag with a twist-lock design making it easier to remove and replace.
  • Built-in Back-up valves: These will activate every 3.5 minutes to endure complete pool coverage, and prevent the cleaner getting stuck in corners and steps.
  • Built-in pressure relief valves: Regulates water flow and maintains consistent travel speed for excellent cleaning performance.




 Legend Pressure cleaner Brochure

Legend Owners Manual


1 year