Astral – Catridge Filter – ZX250 | 250sq/ft

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ZX cartridge filters are compact by design and easily fit into restricted places such as plant rooms or underneath decks. ZX filters are made using high quality components and have a reputation for lasting a long time.

Easy to clean, ZX cartridge filters have additional antimicrobial elements that will not only ensure that your pool is sparkling clean but also healthy for your family members.

Features of ZX filters include:

  • Suitable for any Australian domestic swimming pool;
  • Ideal for pools and spas in an area where waste water disposal or water restrictions are in force;
  • Environmentally friendly- you get to reduce your carbon footprint;
  • High performance filtration that leaves your pool sparkly clear;
  • No need to backwash to clean the Hurlcon ZX cartridge filter which saves thousands of litres every year;
  • Only 100 litres needed to clean the antimicrobial elements;
  • Built in auto air bleed;
  • 50mm water connections make installation easy and quick;
  • High flow rate capacity;
  • Antimicrobial elements last the life of the filter element reducing the growth of algae, bacteria and microbes in your pool.

ZX cartridge filters are perfect for any domestic swimming pool. With unique antimicrobial elements inbuilt, the ZX cartridge filter protects your family while it cleans.

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Catridge Filter


5 Years