Astral – Gas Pool Heater – HiNRG 250

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With AstralPools focus on energy efficiency pool products comes the new Astral HiNRG Gas Pool Heater. The Astral HiNRG requires 120LPM to operate which means it will work even with energy efficient pool pumps.

The HiNRG incorporates a convential heat exchanger combined with a fix pre-mix combustion system for higher efficiency. The advantage of the combustion system is that the in-built variable speed fan ensures optimal combustion in any weather conditions.


  • Energy Efficiency – uses less gas than traditional Pool Gas Heaters
  • Copper-Nickel heat exchanger and Stainless steel burners
  • Lower Emissions – new pre-mixed combustion technology
  • Heating On Demand
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • flow rates required 120lpm to 500lpm – ideal for variable speed pumps
  • small foot print and reduced clearances
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Pool Heater


Limited 5 Years