Saltmate SMT90 Salt Pool Water Chlorinator Genuine


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Saltmate SMT90 Salt Pool Water Chlorinator Genuine


Saltmate SMT90 Salt Cholrinator!

The Saltmate SMT salt chlorinator is a powerful single polarity chlorinator.

Apart from the convenience of sanitisation provided by saltwater chlorination there are numerous other benefits including a safer steadier chlorine level, reduction in skin irritations, lower chemical costs and a softer silkier feel on the skin letting you enjoy your time in the water longer.

Saltwater has been proven to have respiratory and other body cleansing benefits as associated with medical saline solutions while the use of mineral salt blends may have health benefits beyond that.

  • Set and Forget Timer
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Mineral Salt Compatible
  • Adjustable Chlorine Control
  • Chlorine Output Monitor
  • Water Resistant Casing
  • High Production Cell
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
  • Oversalt Protected
  • Overload Protected
  • High Output Cell Material
  • High Flow Rate
  • Cell on/off Switch
  • Flow Sensitive Switch
  • Suits pools up to 55,000 Litres

5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

2 year warranty on power pack and 3 years pro rata warranty on cell

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