What is an Automatic pool cleaner?

An automatic pool cleaner is a cleaning system that collects sediment and debris from the pool floor and walls to keep your pool sparkly clean. An automatic pool cleaner does not require any human intervention. Therefore, this means that you can spend less time cleaning the pool and more time doing the things that are important to you.

An automatic pool cleaner has been designed to make the pool cleaning process easy. It will remove the even the most stubborn of dirt from your pool. At Pump and Pool People, we only stock the best and our range of automatic pool cleaners will keep your pool continuously clean all year round.

The Latest Automatic Pool Cleaner Products in Sydney

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What is the best place to buy an Automatic pool cleaner in Sydney?

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What types of automatic swimming pool cleaners are there?

Not all automatic swimming pool cleaners are the same. Automatic swimming pool cleaners come in three main types: Suction Cleaner, Pressure Cleaner and Robotic Cleaners.

The types are defined by the type of drive mechanism and the source of power used within the automatic pool cleaner.

Suction Cleaner

By far the most affordable and most popular type of cleaner is the pool suction cleaner. The suction pool cleaner pumps water out of the swimming pool through its skimmer or drains. It then uses it for movement and debris suction, then returns it after being filtered through the pool return or outlet valves. The suction pool cleaner is typically attached through a 1.5-inch hose to the vacuum plate inside the skimmer box. The suction cleaner was the first automatic pool cleaner.

Here are some examples of our favourite Suction Cleaners:

Pressure Cleaner

A pressure pool cleaner does not operate in tandem with your pool filtration system, it operates separately. Once the swimming pool water flows into the pressure automatic pool cleaner, it creates a vacuum through the unit, which will then collect the debris inside an external bag. The external bag makes it easier to dispose of the swimming pool debris, and the return flow means the automatic pool cleaner is not as vulnerable to low flow issues.

Pressure pool cleaners are not programmable, but they are automatic. This means they will not run a definite course through the swimming pool like a robotic pool cleaner.

Here are some examples of our favourite Pressure Cleaners:

Robotic Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners work self-sufficiently from the swimming pool’s core filter and pump structure. This system is powered by a separate electricity source. The robotic cleaner contains two internal motors. The first one sucks in water through an independent filter bag and then returns the filtered water back into the pool.

The other is a drive motor connected rubber or synthetic tracks and brushes. These sections are tied by rubber or plastic bands to a metal shaft. These components can be found on the front and back of the machine. It assists and helps remove pollutant particles from the pool’s floor and walls. They also send the particles directly into the inner filter bag. The way these automatic pool cleaners work is that it contains an internal microchip. It is programmed to control the drive motors.

The chip causes the machine to change direction when it reaches a wall or the water surface after climbing the pool walls. run a definite course through the swimming pool like a robotic pool cleaner. Here are some examples of our favourite Pressure Cleaners:

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How do you clean your Automatic Pool Cleaner?

When cleaning your automatic pool cleaner, be sure to remove all of the components from the pool and rinse off the entire system. This will reduce the chlorine and any other chemicals may be on it and it will help reduce the degradation and wear and tear of the unit.  

At Pump and Pool People, we can help you ensure that your Automatic pool cleaner is working at its optimum level by organising a pool service technician to visit you at your home. Alternatively, if you would like to stop in and speak to the team directly, we can provide the right advise for you.

How long should I run my Automatic Pool Cleaner for?

This depends on your pool size, but generally speaking, your Automatic pool cleaner will run anywhere between 4 and 5 hours per day. Although as mentioned, it all depends on your pool size. In Australia, where we experience a warmer climate, it is recommended to leave the automatic pool cleaner running for longer periods of time as opposed if you are in a colder climate, you will run it for less time.

Running your automatic pool cleaner for longer hours than required will significantly increase your pool maintenance costs and may cause unnecessary wear and tear on your automatic pool cleaner. A good practice is to remove the Automatic pool cleaner from the pool area you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the pool.

Should I run my Automatic Pool Cleaner during the daytime or in the evening?

Running your automatic pool cleaner and pool pump during the daytime is optional as that is when the sun is out. During the day, the UV rays from the sun eat up the chlorine. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the pump running to counter the sun’s effects. If your pool tends to collect a lot of debris, then it may be a good idea to run it during the day just before you use the pool.

On the other hand, running the automatic pool cleaner in the evening is beneficial for your power bill, saving costs during off-peak utility hours. It is certainly cheaper to run your automatic pool pump at night compared to during the day. Therefore, if you don’t get a lot of debris building up in the pool during the day, then it may be better to run your pool cleaner at night.

Pool maintenance tips to prolong your Automatic Pool Cleaner

We have mentioned some very easy pool maintenance tips to prolong the life of your automatic pool cleaner. It is not hard as you think you keep your pool at its best, it may sound difficult, but we have the tips to help you keep your pool sparkling clean all year round.

The first thing to understand is that your pool is unique and therefore different from everyone else’s, so it has its own maintenance needs. The best thing to do is have a routine and consistent care for maintaining your pool. This will help keep your pool in good condition throughout the year. If you let your guard down with your pool maintenance, things can quickly out of control with problems as it can be quite expensive to repair.

Cartridge Filters

It is important for the life of your automatic pool cleaner to maintain your cartridge filter as dirt, dust, chemicals and other fine particles can cause your filter to clog up. Consequently, by clogging up your filter, there is more stress added to your automatic pool cleaner to perform.

Additionally, if you regular use a pool heating system, be sure to keep a closer eye on your filter as the warmer water typically can cause the filter to clog up much more frequently.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, allocating time in your day to clean the cartridge filter will not only maximise the life of your cartridge filter but your Automatic Pool Cleaner will thank you.

It is important when cleaning the cartridge filter, to ensure you do not use any stiff brushes and its preferred if you use a softer brush. A good idea in prolong a cartridge filters life is to rotate two filters. And as always, please ensure you have a correct balance of chemicals for the pool water which will ensure your filters are not being damaged, but also much safer for you and the family. 

Pool Skimmer

Your pool skimmer is the next step in keeping your Automatic pool cleaner working and efficient. Your pool skimmer is the first line of defence and the gateway to your pools filtration system. Your pool pump sucks water into the skimmers and as the water passes through the skimmer basket, it is cleared of larger debris. This debris would normally cause a blockage if it made it all the way to your pump or filter, so the pool skimmer is an important part of your pool and your automatic pool cleaner!

Checking Water Levels

The efficient and optimal operation of your pool filtration system relies deeply on the water level in your swimming pool and thus, will keep your Automatic pool cleaner working at its peak. This requirement is often overlooked by many people, and it can cause your pools skimmer box to shut down, and not allow your Automatic pool cleaner to work correctly.

Finding the best water level for your pool is quite simple and you can usually identify the perfect level from eyesight alone. The halfway point of your skimmer hatch is the best level to have the pool water. Ideally, you have your water level between half and a third up the skimmer box opening.

If the water level is higher than that, it is possible that debris will not be pulled into the skimmer box through the plate or the valve. This means that you will end up with floating debris and other bits and pieces on the surface of your swimming pool.

Your pool could face severe damage to the skimmer if the water level is lower than the optimal depth. Due to the lack of water, the skimmer will start to draw air into the filter system and consequently, the motor for your pump is at risk of burning out.

Having a pool filtration system replaced can be a costly issue, so it is a good idea to do everything possible to prevent this from happening by following the above tips. This will also ensure that your Automatic pool cleaner works at it is indented to.

Pool Filtration

Your pool’s filtration system is to ensure the water is clean and prevents the accumulation and proliferation of algae, dirt, dust and other bacteria that can dirty your pool. Unfortunately, your automatic pool cleaner only does a portion of the job, whereas the pool filtration system performs the bulk of the work at approximately 80%.

At Pump and Pool People, we stock different types of filtration systems which suit your need, including the fineness of the filtration systems, the time required for maintenance and the water consumption.

Water Testing

At Pump and Pool People, we provide free water testing  and can guide you to what it will take to keep your pool in a prestigious condition. Great water quality is fundamental for ensuring the longevity of your automatic pool cleaner is fundamental.

You can even test the water yourself. We stock test strips and can supply you with testing kits ensuring the clarify of the water is at an optimal level.