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Pool repairs for equipment leaks, lighting, and equipment

Owning a swimming pool should not be a hassle, and with the Pump and Pool People, it no longer will be. Whether it’s pool lighting, tiling repairs, losing water in your pool or pool equipment repairs, the Pump and Pool People are the professionals that you can rely on. When it comes to all pool repairs in Sydney, trust us to get the job done.

Let us get you back on the sun lounger in no time

Most of the time, a full renovation is not needed to re-vamp your swimming pool and keep it sparkling. When repairing your pool, you want a professional team, doing a quality job. Our friendly, swimming pool repairs specialists will listen to your problems and give great advice on how to alleviate your issue. The Pump and Pool People provide a wide selection of repairs and will always aim to get your family and friends back enjoying your pool fast.

Do not let a problem with your pool ruin your quality time spent with family and friends. As Pump and Pool People, we know how inconvenient it can be to sort out and fix a swimming pool problem. This could range from fixing a cracked tile to sorting out major plumbing issues.

Swimming pool repairs, made simple

We specialise in many forms of swimming pool equipment repairs including:

  • Pool equipment repairs
  • Pool lighting replacements
  • Pool plumbing issues
  • Pipework drilling
  • Equipment Leak Repairs

Listed above are just a few of the repair jobs that we can perform for you, getting you back to enjoying your well-earned leisure time by the pool! Our skilled team will provide you with reliable expertise, using the latest techniques and best technology to guarantee you an impressive finish with whatever repair you have done.

Nobody wants to see their pool has been treated badly or not maintained properly. When the chlorine levels in your swimming pool drop severely, you are likely to see algae grow, this quite common in swimming pools that have not seen continuous maintenance. Whilst your green, murky colour is not exactly the problem you want, there are ways to return your pool to its former glory.

Firstly, we should remove all the debris from your pool that we can. After this important step has been carried out, we can shock your pool with chlorine. This done over a few days will hopefully result in a drastic improvement. Soon, you will be well on your way to having your glistening pool back!

If your water level drops too far, you are likely to damage the pumping system. If your pool pump is only getting air through and not water, it will eventually burn out. Make sure you keep the amount of water in your pool at a steady amount. It is inevitable that you will eventually lose a small amount of water due to evaporation.

If your water does drop, you can easily fill it back up with a garden hose, however, if your water level continues to fall, this may be a sign of a water leak. If you are having trouble to the loss of water in your pool, be sure to call the Pump and Pool People today for some great advice on what your best options will be.

All pools eventually have some sort of problem, a common one is black algae spots. These are quite normal, but you will want to remove them as fast as possible to keep your pool healthy and sparkling. A specific algicide made for black algae will fix this issue.

The Pump and Pool People will do the hard work for you, brushing and scrubbing the surface to remove and break up the algae. A common reason for black algae is a chemical imbalance, so ask us to check your pH balance and chlorine levels to help alleviate this problem long term.

The circulation in your pool is important. You may find over time that your pool builds up debris, foliage, and all sorts of other items. If this is the case, you must always check your filter. The clogging up of pool filters is a common problem and can be easily fixed by de-clogging, but if this has been a problem for a long time, you may have damaged the filter.

We are experts in fixing or replacing damaged pool filters and will be happy to help with any problem you have regarding pool filter build up. Call the Pump and Pool People today to discuss fixing your swimming pool.

Quite regularly, swimming pool owners complain about rashes, eye irritation or general itching after using their pool. This is a problem that lots of people have faced, and it is usually due to simply too much chlorine. Many people think that more chlorine is a good thing, as it can stop the build up of algae and black spots. Whilst this is true, too much chlorine is not good for you.

Excessive exposure to chlorine can cause rashes, throat pain, eye irritation and even spells of asthma. To fix this problem, ask the Pump and Pool People for help. We will check your pools pH and alkalinity levels, plus your chlorine level to ensure you have a healthy balance. When it comes to pool repairs in Sydney, Pump and Pool People have you covered.

Hassle-free swimming pool repairs at a competitive price

When owning a swimming pool, you want to be able to relax with peace of mind that everything is in working order. Every pool is subject to some sort of water loss, especially over a long period of time, and the key is to catch it fast. A pool that is losing water can leave you with increased water bills and if not treated may become a much bigger problem.

There are some signs that your pool may be losing water, these include:

  • Losing more water than normal evaporation rates for your climate e.g. more than 1cm. Water splashing out during pool use is an obvious reason for loss of water but if it is a continuous problem then you should get it checked.
  • If you can only run your filter properly by filling your pool every day and you are experiencing high water bills, you are highly likely to have a problem. Call the Pump and Pool People today.
  • Wet spots around the pool could be a sing that your underground piping has a leak. Always phone the experts when you have a suspicion of this kind of issue, the sooner you act, the less the expense.

When you suspect that you’re losing water from your pool, do not hesitate to call the Pump and Pool People now! We are pool equipment repair experts and will provide a friendly and professional service at a competitive rate. When your pool has a problem, we will always be on hand to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pool repair costs really do vary depending on which problem you have. Re-grout coping work will be cheaper down to the amount you have done, deep routed plumbing repairs maybe a little more expensive. Either way, trust the Pump and Pool People to get your job done at a competitive price that will not break the bank.

The cost of filling your pool with water will greatly depend on the size and depth of your pool. Firstly, you can work out your price by figuring out your local authority’s water charges per 1000 litres. Times this by the amount of water your pool can hold e.g. 40,000 litres and you will have your price. Give the Pump and Pool People a call today on 02 9790 1563 to answer any of your questions.

Recoating your pool with cement may be the easiest fix for your pebblecrete pool. We would apply a bond coat to the pebblecrete surface, this will ensure that the concrete inside of the pool is adhered to. If you have any issues with your pebblecrete pool, be sure to call the Pump and Pool People for expert advice and high-quality repairs, always on-budget.

There are many different options of glue that can help to fix a pool leak. Some examples include the HH-66 PVC Vinyl Cement Glue, ATIE Vinyl Liner Pool Patch Adhesive Glue Repair Kit or the Swimline Vinyl Pool Liner Patch Kit. These are all good options but for the best results, you should always use a professional. As Pump and Pool People we will be able to give you expert advice and will be ready to fix your pool leak in a flash.

If you are unsure about your homeowner’s insurance covering your pool repairs, you should check your policy. It may be possible that your insurance company could be liable for damages, but that all depends on how your pool has been damaged and whether it is included in your agreement. Check your policy and phone your insurance provider to ask what you are entitled to.