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Is their debris floating around your pool? Do you have black spots popping up on your tiles? You may be experiencing a lack of pool pump efficiency. Whilst these can be signs of other problems such as pool filter issues or lack of chlorine, a key part of what keeps your pool clean and useable is your pool pump.

Why is your pool pump so important?

It is paramount that the water in swimming pools is circulated properly. This circulation moves the water through the heating systems but most importantly through the filtration system, keeping your pool clean and sanitary.

A pool pump is the tool that keeps the water in your swimming pool circulated efficiently. It makes sure the water flows into the filter and the heating system. Additionally, water flowing effectively will maintain the other parts of your pool, such as your pool filter by stopping air suction.

There are many different reasons why you motor may be faulty. Before thinking about replacements, check your power supply. Sometimes it can be a simple issue with a lack of power reaching your motor. Once you have checked this, listen to your motor to hear any sounds that are unfamiliar. When checking for a capacitor problem, you may be able to hear a humming sound.

Another common problem is fan failure. This can be from a build up of leaves and debris clogging up the fan and vents. Be sure to have this cleaned out and your motor may be back to normal! Another common issue can be overheating. Whatever the problem is, the Pump and Pool People can diagnose and fix it for you. With a friendly deminer and affordable rates, trust us to get you back relaxing by your pool in no time.

Usually there are a couple different noises that your pump can make to cause alarm. Starting with a high-pitched scream, this normally indicates old bearings that have become worn. Look to the Pump and Pool People to replace these bearings for you. The second noise you may hear is a rattling sound. Often, we find that the culprit for a loud rattle is quite simply from the surface that your pump is laid on. A rubber matt will normally alleviate this issue for you.

If this is not the problem, you may find that your pump is not getting enough water. Removing debris and leaves from the skimmer can sometimes sort this problem. Your best solution is to speak to the professionals. The Pump and Pool People will diagnose your noise and have you enjoying your pool again, irritation free.

Leaks in your pools pump can be a worry. If air has a chance to be sucked in as well as water, it will. Your pump may still work, but its efficiency will be severely affected, and it may cause lasting damage. Luckily, these leaks can be fixed relatively easily if caught early. Be sure to call the Pump and Pool People if you think you may have a leak.

A pressure-side leak is the cost common type of leak when it comes to your pool pump. To check this issue, we must look at the pumps o-rings and seals. These can be worn and are often the culprit for this kind of leak. We would recommend changing all your seals during one repair job to save you money in the future. Call the Pump and Pool People today to fix any leakage problems you have.

When your water is not being pumped properly, it can be the start of lots of issues. If you pump is not moving any water around, be sure to start by checking the lint pot lid is fitted correctly and airtight. Once checked, if your pool still has bad circulation, check that your skimmer box is empty. It is normal for your basket to become full of debris, leaves and sludge. Make sure this is removed and you will be well on your way to fixing your problem.

If this has not brought your pump back to life, call the Pump and Pool People to check for a motor shaft clog or an air leak in your suction line. We will get down to the problem, with professionalism and to the best standard.

High-quality pool pump repairs Sydney, sorted with a smile

As Pump and Pool People, we know why it is of the utmost importance to keep your pool pump running efficiently. It is integral to make sure your pool is safe and hygienic, ready to be used by your family and friends. With our friendly team, you can expect a top-quality pool pump repairs, at an affordable rate. Contact us today to discuss a pool pump repair in Sydney.

What makes the Pump and Pool People one of the leaders in pool maintenance for Sydney?

We are here to offer experienced professional pool services and regular pool maintenance for pools in the Western Sydney suburbs at reasonable prices.

We provide friendly, reliable, and efficient service for all types of existing swimming pools, for both pool owners and property managers.

Our strong relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide guarantees for parts. We also provide a guarantee for repairs and installations done by our expert pool professionals. We are confident in both our work and our products, and we extend that confidence through our guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a pool pump?

The cost of a pool pump repair really depends on how much you need to fix. A pool pump motor repair is usually the cheapest fix. If this is not sufficient then you may need a pool pump motor replacement which is slightly more expensive. A damaged pump will typically be a little pricier than that of just a motor repair/replacement. Call the Pump and Pool People today to discuss your pool pump repair, let us get you back on the sun lounger fast!

Typically, a new pool pump should last around 8 to 15 years. This will depend on the calibre of your pump. You may need a repair but quite often you will need a full replacement. It is vital that your pool pump is in full working order to circulate the water through your pool filter and heating systems. The Pump and Pool People will help you with any pool pump repairs, inquire today for a professional job, delivered with a smile.

There are a multitude of reasons why your pool pump may not be working. Some examples include: Electrical problems, obstructions stopping water suction, leaks, and air suction. When figuring out your issue, your best option is to speak to the professionals. The Pump and Pool People will help decipher the root cause of your pumps problem and fix it for you. Any problems with the functionality of your pool? The Pump and Pool People are on hand to do the hard work for you.

When the water level in your pool drops, air can be sucked into your pools pump and water filter. As your pool pump is designed to suck in water, the air will cause your pump to overheat and very soon burn out. If you think that your pool pump may have burnt out or that it could do soon, please call the Pump and Pool People. We are a have a professional pool inspection service that can determine the cause of your issue and resolve it efficiently.

Running your pool pump for 24 hours is, in fact, the perfect thing to do. The only reason we advise a more conservative 12 hours is for your maintenance costs. Running your pool pump for the full 24 hours will cost you a lot more and it is probably not worth the money. For the vast amount of pools and pumps, 12 hours in more than efficient. For more advice, installations and equipment, the Pump and Pool People are here for you.