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Everything you need to know about pool heating.

A pool heater, heat pump or pool heater pump, is designed to bring the cool water from the pool into a heating tank, warming the water, and then pumping the warm water back into the pool. This cycle can continue until the desired water temperature is achieved.

Pool heaters come in three primary categories; solar, electric and natural gas. Each with their own pros and cons, and each work in different ways.

Buying a reliable pool heater is the first step. Then you will also need the unit professionally installed to maximise the effectiveness of the heating. A professional installation will also ensure that you maximise the lifespan of your pool heater.

So, get in touch with the experienced team at Pump and Pool People today for a quote. We’ll be able to determine the best pool heating solution to suit your needs with reliable products and professional installation services in Sydney.

The Pump and Pool People handle all product sales, installations, servicing and repairs.

Types of Pool Heating units

Natural Gas Pool Heaters

Natural Gas pool heaters are the fastest way to heat the temperature of your swimming pool water. Swimming pools that use natural gas heating will heat a pool in just a few hours compared to electric and solar heating which can take up to a day or two.

Natural gas pool heaters burn gas in a combustion chamber. Throughout the natural gas heating process, the cold water of the pool runs through the pipe network within the gas chamber. The water is then heated and recirculated into the pool. This raises the swimming pool’s water temperature. This process continues until the desired temperature is achieved throughout the entire pool.

Get in touch with the knowledgeable Pump and Pool People team today to find out more about getting the best pool heater for your pool. Our professional team can recommend the right gas heater for you and provide exceptional installation services allowing you to enjoy your pool at warmer temperatures all year round.

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There are many options when choosing your next pool heater in Sydney. However, there are a few things that you should consider as advantages when choosing the experienced team at the Pump and Pool People.

Experience with pool heaters

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the best pool equipment and chemicals suitable for every pool. This includes getting the best pool heater suitable for your needs and budget.

Superior pool heater installation services Sydney

After finding the best pool heater for your needs and budget, you’ll need it professionally installed. That’s where our experienced team comes in! We understand pool heaters inside out because we also repair all pool equipment. So, enjoy the confidence knowing that our professional team will always deliver a superior pool heater installation service to all of our Sydney customers.

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The Pump and Pool People are able to source the best pool heaters and complete a professional and reliable installation for the best prices in Sydney. If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable and low maintenance pool heater, then it needs to be a reputable brand installed professionally. We’re serious about superior pool heating solutions and that’s why Sydney pool owners trust us to offer the best advice, products and solutions for all their pump and pool needs!

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Electric Pool Heaters

Depending on the area you live in and the climate conditions, electric heating can be an optimal solution for homeowners. It is a great way to extend your swim season coming in and out of the winter months, and electric heat pumps generally work the same as the heat pump works in your home.

Electric heat heaters for your pool will draw air from outside into the unit and circulate that air through an outer evaporator air coil. The evaporator coil contains a liquid refrigerant, this component absorbs the heat from the outside air and transforms it into a gas. The gas in the coil then passes through a compressor where the temperature/heat is increased. As the pool water and gas is pumped through the heat exchanger, the hot gas transfers its heat to the cold water. Thus, the cold water heats as it circulates and then flows back into the pool at the desired temperature.

Solar Pool Heaters

We all know the power of solar and using the sun’s heat as long-term green energy. It helps the environment, is a cheap option, and it is a much less involved process compared to the electric pool heater when it comes to pool heating.

Solar pool heaters use solar panels to generate warmth for your swimming pool. These panels are generally installed on your property’s roof or the ground, depending on the direction your roof faces. Solar heating binds the beaming heat from the sun to heat the thermal panels, which in turn, heats the water for your swimming pool.

How it works is that the cold water is pumped through pipes from the swimming pool into the solar panels, with each panel having multiple small diameter tubes. The colder pool water is warmed as it travels through the hot solar panels and circulates back into the pool. The process continues for as long as the temperature of the solar panels is warmer than the swimming pool water temperature.

What are the benefits of pool heaters?

From our explanations above, we can see that each kind of pool heater does work differently. Their benefits and features are different, however, all provide the same result. Warm swimming pool water. Nevertheless, the benefits may include:

  • Being able to use your swimming pool more. Swimming pools are a big investment and take up a lot of space on your property. So make the most of it!
  • Health benefits. Whether you use the pool to keep fit or for therapeutic purposes, a warmer pool gives you the flexibility to enjoy it all year round.
  • Relatively low maintenance. Pool heating systems are relatively low maintenance when they are professionally installed.
  • Potential to increase property value. Having a heated swimming may be more attractive to potential buyers looking to make the most of the facilities available.

Below are some the benefits associated with using different types of pool heaters.


Solar pool heating has many benefits. You can easily double your swim season in comparison to having no heating at all. This would allow you to swim on either side of the winter months with pleasure and comfort. Nevertheless, depending on how many solar panels you have set up, solar pool heating probably won’t be enough to help you in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, there won’t be an ongoing running cost, as the sun’s heat is free!


Electric-powered units are the more traditional option and contain all of the same heating capabilities as gas and solar. It’s not the quickest way to heat the swimming pool temperature, but it’s suitable for constant and consistent pool usage. Electric heating units have a lot of components and parts which can require ongoing maintenance and refrigerant refilling over time. It’s an ideal option for warmer climates as it primarily uses air to heat the water.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas heating is excellent for quickly heating a swimming pool’s water. They can also be ideal for swimming pools that don’t need to be heated regularly. Natural gas units have the same benefits as other models but are superior when it comes to their speed in warming up the swimming pool water. A natural gas heater heats the pool in just a couple of hours compared to a solar or electric heater which can take a day or two.

If you are the kind of person that likes to swim year-round, or even just a couple of times a month, natural gas heating is an option for all variations of pool users. Natural gas heaters are also known to be better for temperature accuracy, which allows you to better manage and regulate the temperature. Furthermore, natural gas is a relatively clean burning source of energy. This means that using natural gas allows you to cleanly and efficiently heat your pool.

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When it comes to investing in pool heating, there are many options and styles to consider. They are highly beneficial for people who want to swim all year round, and it also improves the leisure of using your swimming pool.  

Understanding and learning about the different types of pool heating is the first step in owning the correct pool heater for your needs. The next is having a professional look at your pool’s footprint. Contact Pump and Pool People to set up a consultation about getting an appropriate pool heater installed for your swimming pool.  

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